Post Thumbnail Setting: Featured Image


Step by step instructions for adding post thumbnails/featured image functionality in to your chip life wordpress theme post. Read the following tutorial, How to Add Post Thumbnail in Chip Life WordPress Theme. Lorem ipsum dolor …Read More

Chip Life Post Layout – Sidebar Content

Sidebar Content Layout

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut sed consectetur nisl. Aliquam erat volutpat. Nunc porta elementum dolor a pretium. Maecenas commodo mauris vulputate nisi pellentesque mollis id non turpis. Maecenas sit amet mattis …Read More

Clean WordPress Theme – Chip Life 1.3.7

Chip Life 1.3.7

Chip Life 1.3.7, with clean coding and fully integrated WordPress header support is live now. We thanks to TutorialChip Forums Community for giving feedback and helping us to improve TutorialChip themes. Here are new changes …Read More

Free Elegant WordPress Theme: Chip Life 1.3.6

Download Chip Life 1.3.6

New version Chip Life 1.3.6 is live with a couple of new options and we are continuously providing absolutely free support to the Chip Life community at Chip Life Forum. Let’s have a look on …Read More

Best WordPress Theme: Chip Life 1.3.5

Chip Life 1.3.5

Thanks to Chip Life community to give us feedback for the improvement of this best and free WordPress theme. We have added two most required updates in this new version of Chip Life. Let’s have …Read More

Chip Life 1.3.4 Update: A Clean WordPress Theme

Chip Life 1.3.4 Update

We are committed to provide best WordPress themes and services to our clients – Chip Life 1.3.4 update is one of the part of our commitment. We are continuously adding power and beauty to the …Read More

WordPress Adsense Theme 2011: Chip Life 1.3.3

Chip Life 1.3.3

Chip Life 1.3.3 (Updated Version) is a good news for bloggers who love to implement ad networks like Google Adsense, YPN, CPX and others to earn revenue from their blogs. There are several other enhancements …Read More

Chip Life at WordPress 3.1.2 Version

Chip Life and WordPress 3.1.2

WordPress 3.1.2 has been released on April 26, 2011. Chip Life free WordPress theme has been tested on this latest platform and is perfectly compatible with it. Click Here for Details of Chip Life 1.3.2 …Read More

WordPress 3.1.1 Version: Chip Life Compatibility Test

Chip Life WordPress Theme

WordPress has released its new version on April 05, 2011. We have tested Chip Life WordPress Theme on this latest release, and is perfectly compatible with it. Click Here for Details of Chip Life 1.3.2 …Read More

Chip Life 1.3.2 – Best Free WordPress Theme 2011

Chip Life 1.3.2

I am very thankful to the users who have given TutorialChip – a lot of appreciation emails for the Chip Life Best Free WordPress Theme 2011. Chip Life 1.3.2 update is a wonderful news for …Read More